The Benchmark Of Redemption

Benchmark Games

Benchmark Games is the premier manufacturer of fun in the form of coin-operated, redemption, novelty, prize merchandisers and other amusement devices, as well as a developer of prize and ticket solutions for unattended redemption locations.

Benchmark currently employs approximately 100 employees at its Hypoluxo, FL headquarters with one common goal- building the highest earning, most entertaining and reliable amusement equipment in the industry WORLDWIDE.

Benchmark�s original titles such as Big Haul, Slam-A-Winner, Red Hot and Monster Drop and 2017 titles such as Chaos, Dragon's Claw, Heatwave and Grid continue to entertain players and generate the heaviest cash box collections in the industry, and their line of ancillary equipment, Tickets to Prizes and Ticket Station, help locations improve their efficiency and profitability.

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